Live To Work Or Work To Live?

I've recently spoken to yet another person who, even though they loved their work, realised there's more to life - and they needed to readjust the balance.

If you're running your own business, it's easy to get sucked in to working all hours to keep your business going.   While you need to put in the time and effort to build up a successful business, sometimes it helps to take a step back and get a new perspective on your life and work.

You don't have to be working long hours, evenings and weekends, giving up holidays and sacrificing your family, social life and health.  If you are and your family and friends are starting to wonder who you are, then it's definitely time to reassess what you're doing, how you're working and where you're going.

Work out what's important and focus on that - think 80/20.  It's not always about being able to get more done in the time available but getting the 'right' things done.  Doing less, rather than trying to do more and squeezing more out of your day.

Ask for help.  In the early stages when money is tight, is likely to be the time when you really are burning the candle at both ends because you have to do 'everything'.  But do you?  Focus on the important things and get help where you can to free up your time as much as possible.

Stop and take stock every now and then.  Set clear boundaries around your work and personal time to avoid falling in to the "all work and no play" trap.

If you're spending more time working and less time living and want to readjust your balance - get in touch.

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