Are You An Absent Dad?

In the last week there have been two TV programmes aimed at fatherhood - Daddy Daycare (Channel 4) and Wonderland: A Dad Is Born (BBC2) - I have to say I didn't watch either of them.  It was also discussed on Radio 4 Woman's Hour

Many of the men I work with often have one goal in mind - to spend more time with their children.  They realise they're working long hours and typically get home late but can't always see a solution.

Often they're running their own business or working in executive positions where they need or are expected to work long hours.  Some have long commutes between home and work or need to be away from home for several days at a time.

Children grow up fast, so not spending time with them on a regular basis means missing out on their growing up, especially when they're young.  Something which many people then regret at a later stage.

While you might not be able to be completely hands-on, don't miss out on their childhood because you think you have to be work. Find the all important time to spend with your children, while they're still young.  After all - the reason you're working hard is to provide for your family, don't be an absent father.
  • Drop them off or pick them up from school.  Perhaps not every day but at least once or twice a week.
  • Read to them in the evening.  It doesn't take much out of your evening and it's a good reason to get back early.
  • Get involved in their bedtime routine.  Again, you might not be able to managed every day but at least when you can.
  • Spend quality time with them - not there but half working or distracted because you feel you should be working but time when you're 100% focused on them.
It is possible if you make allowances and plan your time more effectively.  Get your work done in work time, so you're free to spend time with the family in the evenings and weekends.

Whether you're a hard working Dad or Mum, if you'd like to spend more time with your children but you're struggling to find the time - get in touch.

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