Have You Lost Your Identity?

According to a recent NetMums survey, over half of working mums today feel as if they've lost their 'mojo'.

Many women I know have lost a sense of who they are.  Before they got into a relationship or got married and had children, they were their own person.  They had a job, they had their own interests outside of their family and friends.

Now many women are defined by being a wife, a mother, a carer, chief cook and bottle washer and have lost their own sense of identity.  Even if they're running their own businesses or have a full-time job, they still end up being responsible for the majority of the

I've heard many working mums say their children come first - of course they're important and they need you but it doesn't mean you should come third, fourth or even further down the list of importance.

Find time for yourself as the woman you once were before you become even more invisible to your children, your partner and your family.  Think about your own personal development.  What is it that you want to achieve in your life?

If you're happy, motivated and content with your own life and who you are, you'll be in a better position to give more to your family and friends.

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