Networking Tip #24 Quality or Quantity

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There often seem to be two main debates on networking and your contact lists - the "Quality vs Quantity" debate and this applies to most of the main social media sites.

Some people purely play the numbers game and go for Quantity - regardless of the quality of the contacts and are unlikely to develop a relationship with many of those in their network.

Others are more interested in Quality and will nurture and develop a smaller number of contacts who they know at some level.

I'm more selective and tend to connect with people I know, develop relationships started offline or connect offline with those I know online (where practical).  Because of the introduction opportunity on LinkedIn it makes sense to at least be on speaking or nodding terms with those in your 1st level  so that you can make the most of your 2nd level connections.

It also takes time to manage and build your relationship which is going to take a whole lot longer if you have tens of thousands of people in your network, unless you're only interested in one-way, outward communication.

Which do you prefer and are you a Quantity or Quality networker?

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