Networking Tips #18 Pay It Forward

Networking is a two-way process.  It's not just about what you can get from networking it's just as much about what you can give to your network.

Your network is a valuable resource of product and service providers.  You probably know people from a whole range of professions.  If someone requests an accountant or a book-keeper - why wouldn't you refer someone in your network?

After all, referring someone you already know and may have done business with yourself, is better than a random choice via the Yellow pages or Google.

The more you put in and the more you can refer other people, the more likely they are to refer you.  But don't do it just for that reason.

Many networking groups make referrals part of the way they run their groups.  Personally - I don't like this.  I prefer to be able to refer anyone I know and not just the one representative from my group who may not be the best or the most appropriate.

Mark Shaw (@MarkShaw) has a great idea - taking advantage of the power of Twitter by passing on requests for referrals to his followers using a specific hashtag #msrfr.  You may be able to help directly or someone following you may know someone who knows someone ...

When a client, customer or someone you meet out networking asks for, or is seeking help - take a look at your own network and see who you know who could help them out and give them the information they need.

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