The Phone Is Dead, Long Live The Phone

You might be thinking that landlines are on the way out and mobile phones are taking over and will become the communications method of choice.

Be VigilantImage by davinci.daniel via FlickrWhile mobile phones are great for being contactable when away from the office or away from your landline, they still have their issues, which means they have a way to go before landlines become a thing of the past.

Many people seem to function solely on their mobile phone - using it while at home and work, I still prefer the good old landline, especially as most of my work is done over the phone.

Reception is better.  Mobiles still sound like a mobile phone.  You can get cut off, especially if the person on the other end is on the move and moves out of range.

Signal strength varies.  Sometimes you get a full strength signal, sometimes none.  With a landline - it's always there (well, except for the occasional BT glitch).

It's cheaper - while many people may be questioning why they're paying for a landline - it's a relatively low cost when compared to mobile phone charges.  Low cost bundles include landline, broadband and free calls.  While mobile phone, all-in packages mean you get hundreds of texts and minutes - it comes at a cost.

International calls have improved.  In the past you'd hear an echo, there was a delay on the line and the call quality wasn't great or probably pretty poor.  Now we make an international call and the quality, speed and connection is as good as making a local call.

It's rare for people (especially those in business) NOT to have a mobile phone and we wonder how we survived without one.  When was the last time you used a phone box?

I'm not physically attached to my mobile phone.  I can switch if off, I do leave it behind at times, it's often on silent and I rarely answer business calls outside of working hours.  That said - my mobile phone isn't critical to my business for some people it is.

Which do you prefer?

Are you a mobile only person or do you use both?

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