M.A.D. Want It All And Want It Now

These days we expect to have everything we want and we want it all now.

Strawberries and salad vegetables are available all year round – shipped hundreds or even thousands of miles from half way around the world.

If you see a new outfit, suit or pair of shoes that you can’t afford – out comes the credit card, you can have it now and pay for it later.

How many unworn clothes are hanging in wardrobes or unused gadgets are tucked away in cupboards and drawers that you'll probably never use or throw away in a year or two.

Recycling symbolImage via WikipediaIf something breaks, we don’t even think about fixing it, we just throw it away, go out and buy a new one. Technology changes so fast that things are usually obsolete as soon as we've unwrapped them.

We think it's our right to have the very latest of everything and to have everything new. We don’t want to buy second-hand or make do with hand me downs. But there’s a whole industry built around passing on second hand goods and recycling to those less fortunate - not just on Ebay and Freecycle.

Things don't last either.  My parents are still using things they were given at their wedding – over 40 years ago – not much you can buy these days that will still be working in 40 years time.

How many times have you bought something that breaks down after only a couple of years use or just after the guarantee runs out?

What happened to make do and mend – or saving up to buy things?  A little restraint and patience can’t be a bad thing.
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