International Women's Day

Today is the 100th International Women's Day.

About half of the people I work with are women and the majority are juggling families and business.  Fitting in the school run, supermarket shops, birthday parties, cooking, cleaning, being a wife and mother around running their business.

Chippers in a Shipyard [Shipbuilding. Three Wo...Image by The U.S. National Archives via FlickrDespite the changes in women rights and gender equality - women are still the main carer when it comes to bringing up the children.

Although more women work and are found in a variety of careers, take on senior positions and run their own businesses, there's always the difficult choice of family or career.

It's hard trying to balance both and while possible, it takes an immense amount of planning, organisation and support to do it well.

Even high fliers who appear to have it all have had to make sacrifices to get where they are and couldn't do it without a team to support them along the way.

Rarely do I meet a top executive who hasn't regretted not being able to spend as much time with their family while they put in the hard work to get to the top (it applies to men as well).

Work smarter not hard.  Create a better balance that allows you to juggle having a successful business AND enjoying your personal life more.

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