Are you attached to your Blackberry or iPhone?

Would you feel lost without it?  Can you resist the temptation to check it at all hours of the day and night?

I'm coming across more and more "Black(berry) widows".  Complaining about their other halves, as what's happening via their digital device takes priority over other areas of their life.

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should ...

Just because you CAN now be contactable and interact with the world 24 hours a day, doesn't mean you NEED to.

You can actually switch these things off, no really you can!

The world will not end, your business will not collapse - unless you're running some multi-national company, spread across several time zones and you're the ONLY person with all the answers.  (That's a whole other issue).

Get some perspective, get some balance.

Do you:

  • Spend most of the evening and weekends checking for new emails messages?
  • Read your emails any time day or night?
  • Carry it everywhere and feel lost without it?
  • Answer work related calls - outside of working hours?
  • Use it to do work when on holiday?

Now I don't deny that it's a great tool but set clear boundaries around it's use.  Yes, I did finally get one.  I don't have email on it (a choice) and while I might Tweet from it occasionally at the weekend it does get switched off work mode.

There's a time and a place.
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