Business Card Tips

Business cards are a compact marketing tool for your business but not all business cards are created equal.  Here are a few things to think about when creating yours:

  • Pay the extra £10 to have 'vistaprint' removed from the back of your 'free' business cards.  Your budget might be tight and 'free' business cards are a great stop gap when you first get started but it's worth paying a little extra for a bit more of a business-like look.
  • Think twice about using a shiny, gloss finish or laminating them.  Sometimes it's useful to be able to write on someone's business card and you can't do this on a shiny surface.
  • Get yourself a professional email address.  If you've gone to the trouble of creating a website and listing it on your card, why use a gmail, yahoo or hotmail address?  Set one up that reflects your business.
  • Use both sides - the additional space on the back of your business card can be useful to list your services or a tagline or phrase that describes your business.  Don't clutter up your card too much though.  A little blank space or white area can be useful for notes.
  • Make it easy to read - pale or fancy fonts, while they might seem quirky or a good idea, are difficult to read.
  • Don't be shy, make it easy for them to contact you.  Include a landline and mobile phone number.  Include your email address - especially if you have a website.
  • If you do have a website or email address on your card for goodness sake, make sure it works.  I've come across too many invalid or bookmarked websites and non-existent email addresses.
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