Do You Take A Lunch Break?

According to a recent survey by the Spar store group - workers are taking even shorter lunch breaks.

Due to the recession, workers are taking an average of 35 minutes for lunch with many taking less than 20 minutes for their break, if they're not skipping lunch altogether.

Not only are companies benefiting from the extra half hour or more from their employees but this will only add to the stress and pressure in the long term.

Having worked in the corporate world for many years, I know what it's like to only take as long as you need to grab a sandwich and carry on working while eating it at your desk!  Sometimes it's a because you've just got too much to do, sometimes it's because you don't want to be seen taking a 'long' lunch break.

Frequent breaks are necessary to maintain productivity and keep working efficiently. Not only do you need time to refuel and that means more than 5 minutes to grab a sandwich but taking a break will get the energy levels going again.  If you've been working really hard and running on adrenalin, you need the time to relax.

Not only do you need to make sure you take your lunch break but take regular breaks throughout the day - you'll feel better for it and work more productively.

If you're struggling to fit everything into the time you have available, look at ways of working smarter.

Enjoy your lunch.
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