March Newsletter - What Makes Good Customer Service?

Whether you're on the receiving end or the one providing it, good customer service can make a difference to the relationship you have with your customer and clients.

Large companies can hide behind their large, global image and we don't necessarily expect 'great customer service'.

How often have you phoned up a customer help line only to be met with a voice response system, where you have to press a series of numbers before you finally get put through or end up on a help desk where they don't understand your problem or they're so busy reading from a script they're not actually listening to what you're saying.

Customer services help desks around the country must have to put up with disgruntled, dissatisfied and irate customers all the time but if they remain calm, polite, are helpful and do what they can to really listen and resolve the problem, they're likely to end up with a problem resolved and a happy customer.

For me, good customer service comes to the fore when something goes wrong ...

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