Happy Disorganised Christmas

This article appeared in last week's Daily Express - written by fellow coach Joanne Mallon. It made me smile and I have to say, I agree.


One can suffer from being too organised and planning to within an inch of your life. There's something to be said for going with the flow, having an element of flexibility and not stressing yourself out with schedules to keep too as you rush round buying, wrapping, labelling presents for family, friends and work colleagues and then spending hours shopping, preparing and cooking to ensure the descending hordes are fed. You can then collapse in an exhausted heap on Christmas Day and probably go into meltdown on Boxing Day, if you haven't already alienated all around you as you tear your hair out in despair at everyone who can't keep to your strict down to the minute, timetable.

So have a Happy Disorganised Christmas ... and that comes from a Time Management Expert and Author!
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