Blogging - What's it all about?

Having just attended the Brighton Chamber Training session on blogging I not only have just added my blog to my website - finally, but was thinking about the reason people blog - or rather why I blog.

When I started up my own business I found I had a knack for writing. For years - many people had commented that they enjoyed my writing - which at that time was mainly limited to letters, postcards or emails home, when I was away travelling. One of the first things I did when starting up my business was to create a newsletter. The blog was started from wanting to continue the 'chat' element from my newsletter about what I was up to each month, as well as passing on tips and advice on more time-related topics or just business in general.

It's certainly evolved and not only do I have this blog but also a more focused M.A.D. Moments blog - which gets updated every Monday and may eventually get merged into this one, two personal interest blogs and one for Financial Advisers which is more business focused and specific in content.

If you're thinking about blogging, ask yourself these questions:

What do you want from/for your blog - who's going to read it, what do you want to say?

How and how often are you going to blog - separate blog, part of your website, several blogs on different topics, daily, weekly blog?

Blogs are easy to create, so don't let that stop you. Blog frequently, play, practice, adapt and once you've found your feet, tell people about it, share your blog and share your comments.

Oh, and of course - if your blog is important to you personally or your business, set aside time to blog regularly.
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