An Amazing Cake

If you want the lightest, fluffiest, most melt in your mouth victoria sponge then you just have to get along to Badgers tea-rooms (or Tea House) in Alfriston. A friend and I went out for a walk and I suggested walking along the river as far as we wanted and then have a bite to eat back in Alfriston. It was a short walk as we encountered a herd of cows - which she's none too happy with - blocking the path, so we turned round and walked back.

We had a light lunch of their special of the day, an open prawn and avocado sandwich on proper, decent brown bread, which meant we had plenty of room for cake! :)

Having seen the size of the cake sitting on the counter in the shop next door, we didn't need much time to make our choice and it really was the most amazing sponge I've ever tasted. As light as air, moist, yellow and fluffy. Taste the difference ... we certainly did. Nothing beats home-made.
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