The TechGuys - Radio Interviews

Hot foot from a day of radio interviews up in London with Tim Fairs from The TechGuys. A really early start for me, meaning that I was up at 5.00am, train at 6.00am and sitting in their offices at 7.45 ready for interviews to start at 8.30. Too early for even me to have breakfast at that time.

This is part of a media campaign for The TechGuys with this month's focus being Rage against the machine - how and why people get frustrated and waste time waiting for their machines. It's quite worrying how many people find 2 seconds is too long to wait for a response - 56% get frustrated if it's after 10 seconds. I know everyone's busy these days but really - 2 seconds?! Mind you, when all that waiting time - booting up, opening files, loading websites means 2 out of 5 of us spend over 30 hours a year waiting - that's a fair amount of time. Almost a working week's worth - unless you're working more than a 35 hour week.

We were well looked after by the Markettiers 4DC team, who are running the campaign - we got breakfast ordered for us after the first interview, fruit smoothies and then lunch, with tea and coffee throughout the day, if we wanted it.

Although the interviews were set up pretty much back to back throughout the day they only lasted a few minutes each, so it never got to intense and we had a few minutes between sessions. Tim and I were in the studio, facing each other with Rupert and Jo in the gallery next door behind the glass - pressing buttons and connecting us as each station called in, queuing us in to each interviewer. Questions were geared around the services The TechGuys offer to improve the efficiency of the average computer and my input on reducing frustration and using rather than wasting time.

Most were being pre-recorded for later broadcasting either some-time that day or later in the week. A few of them we were 'live on air'. A variety of radio stations from commercial to local BBC - including Brighton's Juice 107.2. The day went very quickly and I'm looking forward to hearing how it went and what finally made it on air. If anyone happened to catch one of the interviews - let me know.

Look out for a time saving techie tips article in the next couple of months.
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