Sofa of Sickness

I ache all over, hot flushes, cold chills, it's painful to cough, my head hurts and I've lost my appetite and spent most of the weekend on the sofa with no energy to do anything. Yes, I've finally gone down with the flu or a horrible cold at least. Hardly surprising as so many people around me have had the dreaded lurgy.

At least working from home I don't have to struggle into work and can do as much as little as I want - as long as I don't have to talk, I don't think my throat can take it. It's sunny outside, so I will make it up to the shop to restock on lemsip or something to ease the symptoms, having first wrapped up in layers, hat, gloves, scarf as I don't want to make anything worse.

Not a great start to the year and although I'm keen to get going, I'll do as much as I can while looking after myself and not trying to do too much and making things worse or prolonging it.
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