Easing Back Into Work

If you're easing yourself back into work after a long break over Christmas you might be finding it hard to get focused.

You've only got three days this week, so spend a few minutes thinking about what you need to get done in this time. Don't overload yourself, after all, it's a short week.

Write a list, sort it in order of priority with the important things to be done first and then plan when you're going to get these things done. Actually plan the time out in your day. What are your main goals for this year - what do you need to get done this month to Kick Start the year? People you usually deal with may still be on holiday this week, so it's a good time to clear the decks, plan for the year and set yourself up for the coming year.

Get the email backlog cleared but don't spend all day on it. Spend the first few minutes doing a quick scan of your Inbox. Quickly delete all the spam and things you don't need to read. Pick out and flag the emails you need to respond to and if they're Important - set aside time to respond or do them first. Read my article on clearing your mail backlog.

Unless you've started with great enthusiasm, fully refreshed after your time off - you're unlikely to be hitting the ground running and be able to launch yourself straight into a full day's work. Tackle your action list in chunks. Set mini-targets and spend just thirty minutes on the first task. If you finish it in that time, move on to the next one. Every couple of hours take a break or go and do something different.

Make sure you do one thing that will 'grow' your business each day.
Make sure you do one thing each day for yourself.

If you've had a busy Christmas with the usual activity of friends and family, don't end up at the end of the next three days worn out and exhausted. Ease yourself back in gently. If you're still in holiday mode - decide just to work for half a day or a couple of hours.

If you've planned out what needs to be done, you can be more effective by doing two or three things well rather than trying to do several things half-heartedly.
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