Brighton Chamber of Commerce - Christmas Party.

For those of us who run our own business and have a business consisting of one, it's good to get the chance to attend at least some form of Christmas celebration and this year, as a last minute decision (due to a last minute change in plans ... not mine), I signed up for the Chambers Christmas Party. This year they combined with several other organisations - so rather than end up with endless plates of turkey and all the trimmings in yet another hotel, you only needed to have the one.

Definitely worth going out on a very windy and blustery night. It was a great event, a wonderful turnout, great entertainment and a chance to catch up with people from the other groups that I hadn't seen in a while and wasn't necessarily expecting to see. The organisers had done a great job keeping us all fed and watered for the evening, with a live band to get people out on the dance floor. I learnt a few new steps and had more fun than I've had in a while being whisked around the dance floor. Not exactly Strictly Come Dancing but with a bit more practise I might not disgrace myself too much.
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