Boxing Day Activities

Parents are both in bed having gone down with flu. Mum has been in bed since my arrival on Sunday but Dad finally retired to bed early last night after Christmas lunch. It takes a lot for him to admit that he's ill, so he must be feeling pretty dreadful.

Having ventured into Tesco Express - the only place currently open, I've been reluctantly feeding them Lemsip Max Cold and Flu and Mum is at least looking a little better today. She did make it down for present opening and lunch yesterday and of course neither of them can stay in bed too long without hearing the patter of feet coming down to check up on me.

Having depressed myself with my sister's present - no, the present was lovely (a set of scales) - it was just the read-out it gave which was depressing - I got out for a run round the block this morning. A lovely sunny, winter's day. Not too cold and a few people out and about with young families walking off Christmas lunch before they sat down to cold turkey for their Boxing Day lunch. Ours was soup made with stock from the duck yesterday. The good thing about duck is that there isn't masses left over the following day.

So what have you been up to on Boxing Day? Have you hit the sales for your smash and grab 75% off bargain or have you been spending the day with family or are you now trying to avoid spending time with family having decided that 24 hours with your immediate family is more than enough? There's only so much TV, crosswords and knitting that I can do, so I have to admit to opening up the laptop just to keep up with things and clear out the spam and it's a good excuse to catch up on some blogging.

Enjoy the rest of your week - especially if you're not working.
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