In Memory of Bella

Bella died today. Quietly put to sleep having developed cancerous lumps on her leg a few months ago. She was a lovely, affectionate black labrador. Not mine but friends. Very upsetting for the whole family. Molly, their chocolate lab died just over a year ago, so now the house must be feeling very empty.

Very beautiful and originally the runt of the litter. I've known Bella since she was a puppy and have always had a soft spot for her. She always came to greet me when I arrived for a visit. Apparently there weren't many people she'd move out of her bed or spot in front of the fire for. She loved playing ball in the garden even if she wasn't very good at bringing it back to you - sitting just a few feet away waiting for you to come and pick it up. She'd play for hours given half a chance, even when she was panting and exhausted and this didn't stop as she got older.

She'd wimper if another dog came near when out walking, wagging her tail enthusiastically at the same time. A habit for eating and rolling in anything slightly smelly, or rather the smellier the better, as dogs do. Dinner time took only a few seconds as she wolfed it down and known to regularly jump up and steal the cat's food too!

I was due to go down and dog-sit with her in a couple of weeks, as they didn't want to put her in kennels while the family went away on holiday.

I'll miss her - it will be strange not seeing her when I next visit.
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