BHCC - Sustainability

Tonight's talk from the Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce was on sustainability. Actually nothing I hadn't heard, wasn't aware of or don't do already but at least it's raising awareness in the business world of not only becoming more environmentally aware but saving money into the bargain.

Involve your staff in the discussion - not only will they then be more likely to buy into what you're trying to achieve but they'll come up with their own ideas.

Easy saves for your business premises to reduce resources are:
  • Reduce the temperature of the office by just one degree and save an average of 10% of your heating bills.
  • Don't heat or light empty offices - save 50% on your bill.
  • Get staff to 'switch-off' lights when not in use.
  • Fix leaking pipes and taps - save hundreds of litres a year.
  • Install water-saving devices in cisterns - save 3 litres every flush.
  • Make sure taps are properly turned off.
  • Flat pack boxes and other waste to reduce disposal/collection costs.
  • Reduce waste bins required and frequency of collection.
  • Don't print emails.
  • Re-use scrap paper.
  • Print double-sided.
  • Use recycled paper products.
  • Recycle waste - paper, glass, cans, card, organic waste.
For longer-term results or when changing or updating equipment - try some of the following.

  • Replace lighting with compact fluorescent tubes or low wattage bulbs.
  • Install flush controls on toilet cisterns.
  • Replace taps with sensor or push spray taps.
  • Install waterless urinals.
  • Ask your suppliers for reusable packaging.
  • Use Fairtrade products.
  • Install proper insulation.
  • Use energy efficient appliances.
  • Implement home-working - less commuting.
  • Encourage use of public transport.
  • Install energy saving equipment for heating and lighting.
Even if you don't work in an office and work from home, many of these can still apply to your home office.

If you'd like to find out more and get some great tips, information and advice on Greening your Business join my eco-friendly Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Club on Ecademy.

Get your Sustainable Business Checklist from Sally Lever's Downshifting site.
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