War Wounds

It's been a long while since I went out at the weekend and came back with war wounds! It used to happen quite regularly when I was climbing and diving (not necessarily at the same time) - I'd come back into work on a Monday morning with cuts and bruises from a weekend spent scrabbling up rock - yes, I know you're meant to use your hands and feet but when I was learning I found elbows and shins quite useful. Or bruised shins and arms from heaving a cylinder onto my back or from the weight belt.

This weekend I went out on Sunday for a ride in Alfriston Forest - just a few miles down the road to escape the heat of the afternoon under the trees. I came off twice. First time straight into a bed of nettles having failed to change gear quick enough going uphill. Of course it then took ages to find a suitable patch of dock with which to sooth the stings up my leg and arm.

Second time - I was going along on the flat, not paying enough attention and fell sideways the other way this time, resulting in a couple of gouges to my left knee which then bleed profusely.

Interestingly enough - I felt no pain at the time and only a few minutes later, once I'd rinsed off the worst of the blood and dirt (those of a delicate nature - look away now), did it start to hurt. Some powerful, instantaneous reaction by the body to an injury, which stops you feeling the pain
immediately. When it wears off - that's when shock sets in, I'm guessing. I've heard of this happening when people suffer severe injury or lose a limb or are involved in an accident. It's to do with beta-endorphins being released.

Anyway - it was hardly a severe injury and got cleaned up and doused with lavender (my answer to most injuries) when I got home. I'll just keep an eye out for gangrene.
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