Grey suits and faces.

I was at a network meeting the other week - my third breakfast meeting of the week. Looking around the assorted people gathered around the room I was surprised and slightly perturbed by the 'greyness' of some of them. Not just pale but actually looking grey and incredibly unhealthy. As if "Night of the Living Dead" had become transposed to the grey, wet breakfast meeting. Now that the weather has warmed up there's a blinding array of lily-white legs and arms peeking out from shorts and t-shirts.

Spending too much time cooped up in their offices working away in air-conditioned environments or just not getting out into the fresh air. It doesn't take much sunshine to feel the benefit and I'm the last person to encourage baking under a hot midday sun. I'll start turning nicely pink in just a few minutes. People spend too much time at work as it is and are then too tired to do anything at the end of the day except collapse exhausted in front of the TV. No wonder obesity and stress related illnesses are rising.

You might be tied to your desk during the day but you can still take time out at lunchtime or even at the end of the day to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. I'm lucky enough to work from home so I can be pretty flexible around my working times and will happily take a break in the garden or go out for a walk or run in the sunshine.

Taking a break is good for you and getting away from your desk - even if it's just for half an hour is even better. With the weather finally warming up and a hot summer on the way, even if you do work in an office - make a point of getting out to enjoy some sunshine. Take a walk round the block, down to the shops, out to a nearby park or green area. Get out at the end of the day to get some exercise or just sit out on a summer evening.

Increase the amount of time you spend outside in fresh air and natural daylight and you'll feel better for it and look a lot less grey now summer has arrived.
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