First day of Spring?

April the first. It must definitely be the first day of spring now. It certainly seems that way. A wonderfully sunny day with the birds singing their heads off and definitely in mating mood. The blackbirds have been having a tussle in the garden. Buds are breaking out all over and after all, it is now April so it should be springtime. The cycle of life starting all over again. I've dug out my packs of seeds and should be able to start planting them outside soon.

I spent a pleasant couple of hours sitting out in the sunshine with the paper. Something you'll have greater opportunity to do as the days get longer and the weather heads towards summer. Sunshine is good for the soul and helps to boost the mood, as I've mentioned here previously. So, make the most of it when you can.

Now that the evenings are getting lighter - there's a good opportunity to get out for a walk, run or cycle in the evening after work. Use it as time to relax and unwind after a hard days at work.
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