Put Your Feet Up

I had my first reflexology session, for a long while, yesterday and it was interesting to say the least. Yes, I knew I was a bit of a mess but just how much so, I hadn't realised. My feet have been very tight and aching - a sign of tightness and aches elsewhere, so I was looking forward to a bit of relaxation and pampering.

I can highly recommend reflexology if you've not tried it before. Not only is it completely relaxing but what they discover and what you discover, while having your feet worked, is quite incredible. All those tender little points relate back to parts of your body. Head, neck, shoulders, back, stomach and apparently in my case - sinuses. Caught just in time - before I fall apart! Yes, your feet get worked on and it can be painful but it's good pain. Stick with it and you'll feel the benefit when you walk out as if you're walking on air.

So having had a bit of an epiphany - through my feet - I've spent today having a quiet, relaxing day and given my digestive system a break by fasting. Plenty of water, a fresh juice or two and OK, some home-made beetroot soup which isn't strictly part of a 'fast' but it's liquid and light.

More on my healthy eating later ...
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