Giving Up!

First we have New Year's resolutions and now we have Lent. That time of year when yet again we find something to give up for the next forty days. Instead of thinking of the bad habits you could stop for Lent, what new, good habits could you adopt instead?

Traditionally people give up things like: cigarettes, chocolate, alcohol, tea, coffee, biscuits etc.

40 days is an excellent length of time to create a good habit. New habits take about a month to form, so what new habits could you adopt over that time. How about:

Giving up ... being lazy - join an exercise class or get out for a walk/run 3-4 times each week.

Giving up ... being unhealthy - eat more fruit and vegetables - get my Tips to Improve Your Eating Habits.

Giving up ... spending too long at work - stop working an hour earlier every day.

Giving up ... being tired - get an extra hour's sleep each night.

Giving up ... being stressed - take time to relax every day.

Giving up ... tolerations - what are you tolerating?

In all cultures and all religions to feast is to celebrate and to fast is to purify, bringing mind and body into balance. What do you need to do to bring your life and body back into balance?
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