Work Life Balance - Could You Do Better?

Apparently today is Blue Monday - the Worst Day Of The Year.

It all comes down to a matter of perspective. Even if we're feeling really down and blue there's a lot we have to smile about, especially if we think about others that are a lot worse off than we are.

It might be a conscious choice about how we feel but sometimes our subconscious has a lot to do with it too. It's all very well saying 'pull yourself together', 'cheer up - things can't be that bad'. Depression might be a state of mind but it's not a nice place to be and sometimes you just can't help yourself being down. Just make sure you don't stay there too long as it can make things worse. Negativity tends to lead to further negativity. While being positive can be hard. Needing time to yourself is fine but we all need to have people around us - friends and family are great and will rally round if you just ask.

When we're particularly busy or things aren't going too well in other areas, we tend to focus on just one thing and more often than not that tends to be work, or if work isn't going well we may over compensate in another area. We need to keep life in balance - the physical, mental and emotional, work, health, family, relationship, fun and things around us. If one area falls apart or isn't going well, then you should have enough balance in other areas to keep you going and get you through the worst. They are just as important and you need to make time for them all.

If you don't have one already... get yourself a Life Balance Wheel Take a look at where you are now and what would you like to change. Where do you stand overall and where do you want to make the biggest change? Think about how you would like your life to look and then start to make it happen.

I'll be making a conscious effort to make this a Joyful Week - I hope you do too!
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