It's Spring .... or is it?

It's January, so in theory - here in the UK - it's Winter.

I was up early this morning for a breakfast meeting and although it was still dark there was a blackbird singing it's heart out from the trees in the park close to me. The daffodils have been poking their green stems up through the soil for a few weeks now. In fact I think I noticed them first around Christmas time.

So, I just popped out again to collect something from the car. It's mild, the blackbird is still singing, maybe a different one but there's definitely a feel to Spring rather than Winter!! It has been mild for a few days, the heating is rarely on, even though I work from home and I can get quite chilly if I'm sitting working at my laptop.

However, at this time of year when the days are short (although getting longer now) and there's not a lot of sunshine around, it helps to get out and about into the fresh air even just for a short while. Winter sunshine can also help to lift your mood, as we spend too much time in the artificial lighting and centrally heated atmosphere of an office or our homes. Many people suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) at this time of year - especially the further away from the equator you are. Also don't forget to keep drinking water (she says, reaching for her glass). You might not be sweating at this time of year but central heating dries out the skin and a dehydrated body doesn't function as well as it should and tiredness, hunger and energy can all change if you just give your body the fluid environment it needs. After all we're over 70% water and not all of that can come from food. Interesting article

Well, I expect that Spring hasn't really arrived and normal seasonal weather will be resumed soon. After all, Feburary is usually the coldest month. Further weather reports and more on the favourite topic of British conversation later.
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