Delegate Don't Dump

Delegation is a great way to increase your productivity and achieve more, especially if you have limited time available.

By delegating you handover or outsource tasks that someone else is better qualified, more skilled or can do quicker than you.

However, there is a tendency to 'dump' tasks rather than delegate. These are more likely to be the urgent tasks, you've left to the last minute or possibly, for a similar reason had 'dumped' on you.

Think about the following points when you delegate or handover work to someone else.

What is the task being delegated? Work this out before you delegate a task. Give as much detail as needed and be clear and specific. Don't assume they know or you'll set them up for failure from the start and waste time when you don't get the outcome you want or expect. Confirm they understand what's expected.

Why is this task important? How does it fit into existing objectives and outcomes. What is it's priority and importance compared with anything else they might have planned.

When does this need to be done by? Give them a date, time when you need this task completed by or milestones reached. Allow plenty of notice so the person can plan it into their schedule.

How will it be done? What systems, processes, actions are required to complete the task and in what way. What resources do they need? Avoid being too prescriptive or seeing only 'one way' to do the task. There may be better ways if you allow some flexibility and creativity and focus on the end result not the specific method of achieving it.

Who is going to do this task? Do they have the time and skills to complete it in the time available. Are they the right person for the job?

Keep these in mind and you'll successfully delegate more of your tasks and free up more of your time.

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