Make your voicemail messages more meaningful

Русский: Цифровой автоответчик (фрагмент)
How to make your messages more meaningful and improve communication.

When you make a call and get voicemail - don't just leave a garbled message as you rapidly try to think of something to say.

Be prepared.

Speak slowly and clearly.  If you leave a number repeat it.  It's often difficult to write down a number in one go, especially if the caller rapidly rattles off their number.  Repeating it gives them a better chance of getting it right first time.

State the nature of your call - if appropriate.  What are you calling about, what information do you need?

Say when you're available or when it's a good time to call back.  People will often leave a message just as they're going out - usually as a last minute, 'oops must do this before I leave'.  When the call is returned the person isn't there and you end up playing phone-tag.

If you're going to be away from the phone or are busy - say so in your message and say when you'll be back, so they don't waste their time or yours.

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