The Power of Teams

English: Tour of Britain
Every year I'm in awe of the Teams taking part in the Tour de France and now the Tour of Britain.

I only started watching it a few years ago and at the beginning didn't understand what on earth was going on.

The riders work as a well oiled machine - working together to get their man to the front at just the right moment - whether it's the sprinter, the hill climber or the leader hoping for the yellow jersey.

Using slip streaming to save energy and taking turns at the front of the 'train'.  Dropping back as a team to bring a key team member to the front who's fallen behind.  Making sure the leaders are fed and watered along the whole route.  Looking out for everyone else - it's not one rider, one race.

How they have the strength, determination and sheer guts to ride over 150km, often up hill and still have the energy to sprint to the line is impressive.

It takes hours of training and miles and miles in the saddle but just goes to show what the human body is capable of when you focus on the end goal.

English: Tour of Britain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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