And now it's Wimbledon

English: Wimbledon Championships
I might not have been glued to the World Cup but now Wimbledon is on - I have something to watch.

There's potentially more of an impact to office productivity, because the games are on during the working day.

Here's how I organise my time when I can, so that I can watch a few my favourite players.
  • Schedule my lunch break to catch up on the closing stages of a match.  The early ones will just be finishing and the later ones just starting.
  • Take frequent breaks.  This is something you should be doing anyway - you'll actually be more productive if you do - now you have an excuse.  See who's playing, who's still in, who's out.
  • Deal with emails or social media while watching a particularly good game.  These are potentially good tasks for multi-tasking, as they don't necessarily require focused concentration.  You can quickly clear and sort your email - flagging those that need more time or a measured response for later.
  • Be selective - I don't need to watch ALL the games to get involved and enjoy Wimbledon.  I rarely watch the women's games - too much grunting and shrieking just puts me off.
  • If a game is particularly gripping and I decide to spend longer watching it - I start earlier or finish a little later, spreading the working hours across the day rather than just between 9-5.
  • If I'm away from the home office for the day, there's always the daily evening updates to catch up on the highlights of the day and of course social media will keep you posted on events as they happen.  Be selective and be aware of 
OK, so I have the luxury of working from home and can be more flexible with my working day.

What about you?  Do you manage to watch the sporting events you enjoy while ensuring work gets done and you stay productive, or do you record or watch the highlights?

And next week we have the start of the Tour de France!

English: Wimbledon Championships (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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