Living Below the Line - halfway

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Days 1-3: Well snacks are certainly out and after the first day, it made me realise just how much 'grazing' I do - my freshly made mid-morning coffee, popping down to make a cup of tea or have a soft drink between clients or the occasional treat.

When I'm feeling a bit peckish I'll pop down for a slice of toast, a piece of fruit or a snack but that's out of the question this week, as it easily adds up and can blow the day's budget in one go.  So without those I'm feeling hungry by meal time.

I've been measuring everything out - just to make sure I'm sticking to portion sizes, which makes it much easier to stick to the day's budget.  It's too easy to throw in an extra handful when you're not focused on quantities and price.

Buying in bulk helps - larger packs work out cheaper per unit (although do check prices, it's not always the case - supermarkets are sneaky like that!). 

Buy things when they're on offer, at or near their sell-buy date - you can save at least 50% on goods you normally buy, but watch those tempting offers on things you don't really need.

Plan your menu - tot up the cost for each day, so you know how much you can spend on breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a few pennies for drinks and snacks each day.

Protein is a challenge - meat is very expensive when you're limited to £1 a day and pretty much out this week.
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