Are you feeling guilty?

Many working mums (and dads) can find themselves torn between their work and their home life.

They feel guilty when they're at work that they should be spending time with their children.

They feel guilty when they're with their children that they should be working.

This problem is made worse when you work from home.  Not only are you juggling the responsibilities of being a parent with work in the same environment but you've also got school runs, shopping, cleaning and cooking to distract you.

Be clear - both with yourself and with family.  When you're working you're in work mode, don't get distracted by non-work activity.

When you're in personal time - then leave work in the office, that includes those 'out of hours' phone calls and emails.  Focus on your family and yourself.

This doesn't mean you need to stick to a strictly 9-5 routine, or that you should end up working long hours in order to fit everything in.

Taking a break from work to focus on a few domestic activities is a good way to switch your energy and activity levels.  Set time limits, so you 'quick break' doesn't overrun.

Break up your working day so that you schedule in chunks of work time and time for personal tasks or to spend time with the children.

If you're better planned and organised, with a routine that works for you, you'll feel less guilty.

Get in touch if you need help creating a working schedule and for other tips to reduce your guilt.
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