The power of accountability to increase results

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If you want to achieve something - you're far more likely to do so if you've made yourself accountable.

At the beginning of the year - along with 25% of the population I decided to 'do more exercise and lose weight'.  To make sure I stood a better chance of success I buddied up with a friend.

We set our goals for the amount of exercise and target weight and then we've been checking in with each other regularly throughout the week.  First thing in the morning - stating what we're committing to for that day and then being able to say if we achieved it or not the following day.

It works a treat - there's an element of competitiveness in making sure that we're not the one who slips behind, it helps us stay focused and on track and more importantly there's the accountability that makes even more certain we do what we say we're going to do!

It's the way so many of the slimming programmes work where there's a weekly weigh-in - you're being held accountable by the rest of the group and you don't want to feel bad or let others down.

I hold clients accountable by checking in with them regularly - either weekly or fortnightly.  Weekly works best - especially at the start.  Daily is even more powerful.

So how can you make yourself more accountable?
  • Get yourself a buddy, mentor or coach or team up with a friend or colleague.
  • Set the goals that you want to achieve or the habit you want to create.
  • Create an action plan, structure or routine to follow.
  • Check in regularly.

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