Top Ten Blog Posts for 2012

As we start another year, here are the links to the Ten most popular blog posts for 2012.  Many of them will help you to have a more productive and profitable 2013, so check back when you need a reminder or a burst of inspiration or motivation.

Create a To-Do list that works - top tips for a manageable and effective to-do list.

Are you an absent Dad? - easy ways to spend more time with your family and less time in the office.

International Women's Day - the role women play in society around the world.

Computer Phone Scam - a cautionary tale.

Acceptable use of a mobile phone - it shouldn't be the most important thing in your life!

Find time to studyWhether working full or part time a few ideas to help you find time to study.

Phone calls made easier - do you avoid making phone calls? Does it fill you with fear?

Babies in the officeDo you think this would work in your office environment?  Would you want to take your young baby or toddler to work with you?

Your diary and scheduler - paper or electronic?  Which works best?

Networking Tips #33 It's not all about you - how to engage and connect better.

I hope you find these and many of my other blog posts useful to increasing your productivity, growing your business and living the life you want.  There are plenty planned for 2013.

Get in touch or leave a comment if there's something in particularly you'd like help on.

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