Networking Tips #32 But I don't know anyone


Many people are put off going to networking meetings because they won't know anyone.

Well, we all felt like that once and you can overcome that initial nervousness with a few simple tips.

Arrive early - it's easier to meet and talk to people as they arrive - rather than enter a room full of people who are already talking.

Approach someone who is on their own.  They're not already engaged in conversation, possibly feeling nervous too, so will welcome your approach.

Watch the body language.  Two people standing directly opposite each other, engaged in conversation are less likely to be open to an interruption.  If they're standing at a slight angle to each other, it's easier to engage them in conversation.

Three is better than two.  For the above reason it's easier to approach and join a group of people than to join a group of two.

Make eye contact and smile.  You might be feeling nervous but don't look at the floor and hope no one will come and talk to you.  That's why you're there.  If you make eye contact with someone and smile they're more likely to approach you or welcome you in to their group.

Go with a friend, guest or colleague - that way you won't feel you don't know anyone - just don't spend all your time chatting to the one person you know!

If you're a regular networker, welcome new people, someone standing on their own or looking uncertain to join you.

"A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet."

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