Babies in the office

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Sounds like a great idea for Mums worrying about childcare - taking your baby or toddler to work with you but is it?

Well, knowing the impact that young children have on Mums who work from home and are juggling their business around looking after small children - the idea of bring babies and toddlers into an office environment sounds like a recipe for disaster and disruption.

Young children crawling around your feet, getting sticky fingers everywhere, investigating places they shouldn't, being dragged away from shiny objects, buttons, switches and hazardous office equipment, emptying out the waste-paper bin, dropping crumbs and probably worse on the keyboard, demanding constant attention, having a tantrum while you're on the phone, trying to keep half an eye on them while attempting to do your work, needing to be fed, changed and entertained at frequent intervals.  To say nothing of the disruption, distraction and annoyance to your fellow workers - even if they are a very cute distraction to be cooed over.

Still think it sounds like a good idea?

It's bad enough trying to have a conversation with a Mum with young children around, when you're not in the office environment.  They're constantly interrupted by demanding youngsters or they're not really listening as they have half an eye on what their child is up to and will dash off to see to their needs while ignoring everything else.

Unless you happen to have a creche facilities at your office where you know they'll be looked after and entertained while you work but give you the opportunity to see them during breaks and your lunch hour - now that might work.

Do you think this would work in your office environment?  Would you want to take your young baby or toddler to work with you?

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