Do You Take Your Work Home?

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There was a piece on BBC Breakfast this morning about the number of people who take their work home with them.

One of the comments was from someone who ran their own business - as if this was justification for working long hours and answering emails late at night.

If someone else is disorganised enough that they're sending emails late at night and expecting a response then that's their problem, not yours.  Even if it's your boss - if you allow them to disrespect your time in this way, they'll keep doing it.

Create clear boundaries around the technology you use in your life.  It's there to help you - not control you.  Have times when you switch if off and times when you will not respond to work related emails or phone calls - especially in the evening and weekends.

Email on Smartphones is one of the biggest culprits - great for being able to respond to emails while on the move but a constant intrusion if emails update at all times of the night and day.  Switch off the email alerts on your phone, so that you won't get distracted by a tone or flashing light.  Check your email several times a day if need be - at a time that suits you, not at the behest of a flashing light.

If you do take work home with you - think about the reasons this is happening.
- You have too much to do - manage your time better, reprioritise and delegate.
- You get more done at home, fewer distractions.  True - see if you can work flexibly from home every now and then or find somewhere to work away from distractions in your own office - a meeting room, local coffee shop etc.

Sometimes it has to happen - especially if it's a case of all hands on deck or there's a deadline to meet but make sure this is the exception, NOT the norm.

If you want to find ways to stop having to take work home with you - get in touch.

What are your reasons for taking work home with you?

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