Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

Philippe Packu - Five Ws and One H - Template #1

I keep six honest serving-men
They taught me all I knew; 
Their names are What and Why and When 
And How and Where and Who.

(From The Elephants Child by Rudyard Kipling)

As well as being the Five W's (and one H) of journalism these are also useful questions to consider when delegating tasks.

What is the task being delegated?
Why is this task important?
When does this need to be done by?
How will it be done?
Where will it be done?
Who is going to do this task?

Miss out clarifying one of these questions and it's likely something will be misunderstood or it will result in a different and unwanted outcome.

Philippe Packu - Five Ws and One H - Template #1 (Photo credit: IPhilVeryGood)

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