Escape From The Home Office

When your home is your office, sometimes you can go just a little stir crazy - especially if the only conversation you have is with your children and if they're under 5 that's probably fairly limited.

Here are a few ways for you to escape and get a breath of fresh air.

Work away from home every now and then.  This can often give you a different perspective and new ideas.

Simply relocate to your nearest cafe for an hour or two or half a day if you can manage it.  Hotels often have quiet lounge areas with or without wifi (rarely free).  My favourite office away from home is a local hotel with decent coffee, handy power outlets and a great view.

Find a hot-desking area.  Several companies offer hot-desking to home workers.  Either on a permanent or temporary basis.  These are either co-working areas, business units aimed at startups and sole traders or even companies with spare meeting room space.

OK - so that's all very well but what about the children?  If they're under school age you can't take them with you or if you do they're likely to run amok, so:

Find a friend with whom you can share childcare.  There are so many businesses being run by mums that you're bound to know someone who is in a similar situation to you.  Swap childcare every now and then, so you both get a chance to either work away from home or to have some child free time.

Alternatively ask a friend or relative (many people are lucky to have obliging grandparents close by who are only too happy to spend time with the grandchildren.

Book the baby-sitter - they're not just there for those evenings out, some are available and happy to help during the day too.

Look at regular childcare - while they may not be in full-time childcare or you can't afford or don't want to use childcare full time, perhaps one day a week or two half days would give you the break you need.

Find a creche - several gyms now have creches onsite so you can leave your little ones there while you exercise but why not spend some of that time either working or having a bit of me time.

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