Blue, Blue Monday

Variations of blue

Today is the day of the year when we're all supposedly feeling depressed.  It's cold dark and gloomy, the glow of the Christmas holiday is  fading, New Year's Resolutions have already been broken and we're regretting the over-indulgence and spending as the credit card bills arrive and you don't get paid until the end of the month and the Summer seems like a long way off.

Well today is most certainly blue - as I write this, the sun is shining, there's a lovely blue sky out there and I'm watching the birds on the feeders in my garden which is bathed in winter sunshine.

So how can you beat the January blues?  Start by thinking positively - if you look for the negative then you'll find it.

Keep things in perspective.  If you've got food in the refrigerator, money in the bank, a roof over your head and somewhere to sleep - you're better off than 75% of the world, so be grateful for what you do have.

If you want to know how to keep those New Year resolutions, you just need to read January's newsletter for a few tips to keep the motivation going throughout the year.

Take a look at your life as it is now - what do you want to change.  Rather than moan about it and feel worse - decide to do something.  If you're not sure where to start do the Life Balance exercise - it will show you were you need to focus and give you a few ideas.

Don't just plan your Summer holiday but plan a few breaks throughout the year.  Easter is coming up in April, there's a long weekend to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in June.  Take advantage of the long weekends for a few days away at least once a quarter.

Get out in to the fresh air and sunshine.  Even though it's January, it's not cold and grey every day (like today).  Wrap up warm and go for a brisk walk in your lunch break or on the way in to work.

Budget your finances, so you know how much you have to spend each month and put a little away to save up for those special occasions or unexpected expenses.  Take a look at the More Money e-Course to help you get on top of your finances and start saving for your future.

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