Networking Tips #19 Does Size Matter?

So, what size networking event should you aim for?

With the hundreds of networking groups available - they vary greatly in size, from small intimate groups to large gatherings.  This may come down to personal preference.

No matter how many people attend an event, you'll inevitably only get to talk to a handful, so it doesn't really matter whether there are 20 people in the room or 200.  Unless you're at a speed-networking event, where the aim is to 'meet' as many people as possible in a short space of time.

Larger groups tend to be more noisy and have more energy.  The hubbub of conversation means you often have to shout above the noise level of other conversations to make yourself heard.

With smaller groups you can have a conversation that involves a few people at a time.

It's more important to have a purpose to your networking (see previous posts) rather worry about how many people you may or may not get to meet at an event.

Remember to circulate but don't rush madly around the room trying to get to talk to everyone.  It's likely you'll talk to a handful of people you already know and a handful of new people.  Spend a few minutes having a meaningful conversation rather than a rushed hello and quick exchange of business cards - you'll probably get to talk to between 15-20 people.

Are the people in the room the kind of people you want to meet?  This is probably more important than the total number - although, remember - you don't know who they know.

What do you prefer - smaller, more select meetings where you get a chance to talk or larger groups?

Are you a quality or quantity sort of person?
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