Twitter - To AutoDM or not to AutoDM

If you use Twitter you'll be familiar with AutoDMs - otherwise known as Automated Direct Messages.  These are the automated messages you receive within minutes or hours, whenever you follow someone.

It's possible to set this automation up in a number of Twitter related applications but what's the benefit and why do people do it.

Interestingly when I asked the question - most people hate AutoDMs - they see them as impersonal and too spammy.  Some dislike them so much, they'll unfollow the person when they receive it.

Personally I don't use AutoDMs - I did think about it and was thinking about it again recently but for me I prefer to send a new follower something a bit more personalised - although offering my free Time Audit could be seen as being 'spammy' in itself.

So if so many people hate AutoDMs and will actively unfollow - why do people do it?

What do you think - love it, hate it, use it?
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