Working Long Hours Increases Risk Of Heart Attack

If you're working long hours you are putting yourself at increased risk of heart attack, says a recent survey by University College London.

Human heartImage via WikipediaWhile the 11 year survey covered civil service employees, the results are likely to apply to anyone who works long hours as part of their job.  Working more than 11 hours a day could increase your risk of heart attack by 67%.

Many people work long hours - arriving at the office early, leaving late, taking work home and often working at weekends.

Long working hours is one of the key factors for people needing to improve their time habits.

  • You're less likely to eat healthily - relying on junk food, processed food and snacks to keep you going during a busy working day.
  • You're less likely to find time for exercise - spending long hours at your desk, no time for the gym, a brisk walk or regular healthy activity.  
  • You're more likely to be overweight as a result of the above two factors - leading to increased blood, pressure, cholesterol levels, risk of stroke, diabetes and other factors that contribute to heart disease.
  • You're more likely to be suffering from stress - increasing your risk of heart attack still further.

Reduce your risk, stop working long hours and set your health as a priority.
  • Plan your working hours and improve your boundaries, so you can leave on time.
  • Manage your workload better, so you don't have to work late, take work home or end up working at the weekend.
  • Find time in your day for healthy eating and regular exercise.

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