Make A Difference: Japan Earthquake Appeal

Last weeks earthquake in Japan is still very much at the forefront of the news.  Yet again we are reminded of the immense power of nature.

Earthquake and Tsunami near Sendai, JapanImage by NASA Goddard Photo and Video via FlickrIt makes all our endeavours and aspirations pale into insignificance.  We might think we are in control, that humans are the most powerful species on the planet but something like this happens and lives are changed in an instant.

Thousands of lives have been lost, whole communities swept aside in a matter of minutes.  Boats, cars and houses flung aside like toys.

It brings home to us all that our safe, secure day-to-day life can change in a moment.  Everything we work for, stress and worry over gets put into perspective at moments like this.

Do something today to help make some small difference to those in greatest need.

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