Networking Tips #4 - Which Meeting?

There are literally hundreds of networking meetings happening every day and with a wide variety of business people attending.

Do a little research to make sure that you're attending the right meeting with the right attendees for your business.  Whether you're looking to meet potential customers, suppliers or like-minded business owners - there's one that's right for you.

Look for local networking groups in your area - the Chamber of Commerce and Business Associations will often run them as well as dedicated business networking organisations like Business Network International - BNI.

You'll no doubt find several breakfast networking groups.  These tend to be more formal with a set structure - you'll get to do your one-minute introduction to your business and exchange business cards.  Some of these groups may also pass referrals to each other as part of the meeting.

Women's mid-morning or lunch time networking groups are also becoming popular - because many working women have children and breakfast networking doesn't work well with the school run.

Evening networking can be an informal drink straight after work or involve a meal and perhaps a presentation or talk.

Find a selection and try them out.  Many charge either an annual membership fee and/or a charge for each meeting.  There are some that are free or charge a small fee.  Most will usually let you go along to a couple of meetings before you need to join.

Networking takes time, so don't give up after the first one or two - you need to get to know people and they need to get to know you - remember ... know, like, trust.

Allow at least six months before you start to see the benefit of your networking.  The more you put in, the more you'll get from it.

Contact me if you'd like my list of networking groups in the UK.
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