M.A.D. Give Yourself A Little Love

Victorian Valentine's Day CardImage via WikipediaHappy Valentines Day.

It's that time of year when sentimental cards, red roses and boxes of chocolates abound.  A romantic dinner for two has trebled in price and you can't move for couples expressing their undying love.

Whether you're in a relationship or whether you're on your own - take time out to look after yourself ... whatever the time of year.

Do something today to treat yourself - nurture your mind, body and soul even if no one else does.

  • Indulge in your favourite cake with a cup of tea this afternoon.
  • Go out for a walk and enjoy the Spring sunshine.
  • Relax with a scented bath, candles and a glass of wine.
  • Switch off the phone and curl up with your favourite book or DVD.
  • Book up a massage or a favourite treat.
Even if you feel that this particular day is just another excuse for blatant commercialism and overpriced gifts, there's no reason not to give yourself a little love and indulgence.

The simple pleasures in life can make a big difference.

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