M.A.D. How To Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

Write it down. Actually writing down what you want to achieve makes it more real.  Get it out of your head and commit it to paper.

Be really specific – include exactly WHAT is it you want and WHEN you aim to achieve it by.  Exactly how much weight do you want to lose?  How fit is fit?  How much money do you want to earn and when?  What does your ideal job look like?  Open ended, general goals give you a get out clause.

Plan for it.  If you want to get fit or lose weight you need to set it as a priority and make time in the week to do it.  Exercise first thing in the day – get out for a run/walk or go to the gym before you start work or when you get home.  Use your lunch break to get out

Stop wasting time.  We all have a tendency to waste time in our day.  Even when we feel we don’t have a minute to spare.  Look at where you’re spending your time and you’ll find you waste time on email, phone calls, interruptions, tasks that over run, time spent on social networking sites, watching TV.  Set a time limit for these task and stick to it.  Use the time you save to work on your resolutions.

Tell someone – you’re more likely to do something about it if you know someone else knows about it.  They can also hold you accountable and give you a different perspective and a balanced view.  They’ll also encourage you along the way.

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